The XX Factor – Belgian Trio PEENOISE Mystifies With New Single ‘AGAIN’

11 January 2021

Who: A Belgian trio producing contrast between minimal synths
and experimental guitars that cuts through spatial arrangements
creating a vulnerable yet deep and captivating sound.

Track: AGAIN – new single

About: “‘Again’ is reminiscent of Nietzsche’s idea of the eternal return.
Lyrically this song is about the repetition of history where no one seems
to remember which path to take, so we have to do the same descent and
climb over and over again. reasonably negative image of humanity, but
the text ends positively.

Score: Makes me think of the minimalist tone of 70s Welsh post-punk
band Young Marble Giants and the electronic shadows of London‘s the
. Enigmatic, mystifying, and other-worldly. But also bizarrely catchy and
instantly appealing with its growing, orchestral vibrancy. Trust me, you’ll
play this again and again.

Again they will climb
out of the depth again
Our brains will grow and cling
and we’ll do our thing again

While you’re here check also their
2020 full length debut Forevergem
Pretty special…

PEENOISE: Facebook

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