Indie Paradise – American Label CARPARK RECORDS Celebrates 21st Anniversary With Jukebox Compilation

12 January 2021

Released: 23 November 2020

Who: An American independent record label
established in 1999. Based in Washington, D.C. and Brooklyn, NY.

Info: To celebrate its 21st-anniversary Carpark Records released
No Cover: A Carpark Covers Comp. The longplayer features Carpark
and imprint artists covering fellow labelmates and pushing
the already eclectic music into exciting, new territory.

Turn Up The Volume: Now this is a totally cool idea to let your artists
cover their label mates. This anniversary compilation is a paradise for
indie junks like you and me. It’s a giant jukebox with 21 great tracks by
21 great artists such as Cloud Nothings, The Beths, Melkbelly, Teen,
Rituals Of Mine and so many more.

Happy birthday!

Stream/buy comp here…

CARPARK RECORDS: WebsiteFacebookTwitter

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