Don’t Look Back In Anger – Hear And See Debut Track ‘BESIDE MYSELF’ By SISTER PSYCHOSIS

Daily electricity to load your batteries…


Who: UK-Canadian duo with songwriter and vocal
powerhouse Amanda May and guitarist wunderkind Chops.

A snapshot of halcyon times. The song forms the B-Side to a 7” single which sees
Into Your Memory’ – a song inspired by an encounter with Noel Gallagher – on the
flipside via Alan McGee‘s Creation23 label. It was actually McGee, unpredictable as
usual, who asked the pair to come up with a B-Side.

Score: Expect a sickly sticky pounding psych groove that rolls with flair and
panache, and has a shadowy vibe. Amanda May looks like a femme fatale and
sounds like a femme fatale. Think of utterly mesmeric divas Alison Mosshart
and PJ Harvey. Oh yes, coolness in sonic motion. Sensuous, sexy and sensitive.
I want more!

Listen/watch here…


You can order the ‘INTO YOUR MEMORY’ // ‘BESIDE MYSELF 7 inch right here.

(photos via Sonic PR UK)

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