Witty Modern Courts – Listen To ‘EMPATHICALLY No’ By L.A. Trio CHEEKFACE

21 January 2021

Who: Indie trio out of Los Angeles with this message
for the world: “there are many entertainment options,
thank you for choosing cheekface.”

Released: 11th January 2021

Turn Up The Volume says: They don’t listen to their hearts, but I’m quite sure they listen to The Modern Lovers and Parquet Courts now and again. They don’t turn their cheek, but in the future, everyone will be their friend for 15 minutes singing along to sickly sticky track best life. They have great ideas and work them out all the time. Jangly indie is what you get. Jaunty thrills are what you feel. Their tunes are all original compositions but have no connection as everything is boring now.

Key tracks: Listen To Your heart / Best Life / Original Composition / Don’t Get Hit By Car

Stream/buy album here…


(Photo by Shab Ferdowsi – via band’s Bandcamp account)

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