George Orwell Is Back – Discover Brand New Single ‘FALL OF THE BIG SCREEN’ By DEADLETTER

22 January 2021

(photo by Alessandro Raimondo)


Who: Hailing from Yorkshire, now South London rooted, this band channels
the droll fury of The Fall and the lopsided rhythm of Gang of Four into a strain
of vehement post-punk, exploring the darker side of existence through
a lens of narrative-driven levity.


Zac Lawrence (frontman): “We are being sold free choice at the click of a button
when in reality our options are shrinking as monopolistic corporations haunt every
item of consumption, as we are algorithmically given a narrow margin of preference
which blinds us to any true alternative. The Fall of the Big Screen is imminent, and
this is our cry of understanding.”

Score: Imagine George Orwell fronting The Fall back in Nineteen Eighty-Four
scaring the world with a grim, futuristic vision of humankind about to collapse
in 2021 due to a deadly virus. Would we have believed those post-punk visionaries?
I don’t think so. But here we are today, with Deadletter confirming the science-fiction
like predictions coming true with a somber psych drone that moves and grooves like
Big Brother on a destructive mission.

It’s 1984 all over again…

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