We All Breathe The Same Air – AFTER THE SEASON With Major Electroscape ‘WHEN WE WERE FREE’

25 January 2021

AFTER THE SEASON is a synth-wave project from Split, Croatia
that started in the middle of 2019. The debut EP is waiting in
the pipeline now.

One of the tracks is WHEN WE WERE FREE.

“A journey to the time when we were free and happy, and also
a warning that we are all responsible for ourselves and for the
times that are coming.”

It’s a cinematic synth symphony combining echoes of Europe’s
Final Countdown
anthem and VangelisChariots Of Fire atmospherics,
but also including two fragments of John F. Kennedy (1917 – 1963)
speeches. The peace-seeking, charismatic, best-ever USA president,
killed by his own country. We need the hope he spread, again

Breathe here…


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