Coming Soon… New 4-Track DEAP VALLY EP

New stuff in the pipeline…

27 January 2021

Band: DEAP VALLY (California)
Who: Two impressive queens – Lindsey Troy (guitar, vocals) and
Julie Edwards (drums and vocals) – who pump up your adrenalin
with Led Zep inspired blues-rock and (lately) with starry-eyed
humdingers. One of my 21st Century top bands.

Out: 26th February

Info: After their surprising, but striking collaboration with
The Flaming Lips last year, the duo now recorded 4 songs
with favorite artists: Jenny Lee from Warpaint, Jaimie Hince
from The Kills, Katie Tunstall & Peaches, Soko & Zach Dawes

Recent shared single LOOK AWAY was
Turn Up The Volume‘s Pick Of The Day.

Stream/buy here…

DEAP VALLY: FacebookPre-order facilities EP

(photo by Turn Up The Volume!)

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