Mood Boosting Pop Sparks – New Single ‘ACE OF BASE’ By THE FLAVIANS

Daily electricity to load your batteries

28th January 2021


Who: Band formed in Berlin in 2017. Drawing inspiration from the warm, nostalgic
sounds of the Sixties and the frantic, hedonistic energy of Berlin, the band blends
three distinct voices with psychedelic guitar textures, barroom piano and pounding
drums to create surreal yet grounded, accessible, melodic and experimental songs.
They released their debut album Ordinary People In An Ordinary World last year.

Pick: ACE OF BASE – brand new single

A classic story of dreaming big in a small town.

Score: Need an instantly uplifting tune to erase your lockdown blues? Trust me,
this is the one. Ace Of Base changes your grumpy morning mood on the spot with
its sparkling pop glow and stimulates you to do a little dance under the shower. Oh
yeah, your feet and head’s movements get activated from the kick-off. Irresistible
piano touches, glorious rhythm, pushed by a funky beat and colored with frisky
vocals and cool 60s backing vocals.

It’s winter and The Flavians make the sun shine brightly. Synth-pop
legends Eurythmics would say Sweet Dreams Are Made Of This.

Tune in here…

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(promo pics via Alibi Agency)

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