Weird Fringe Core Punk – Go Apeshit To NOPES And Their New Slam Dunks On ‘DJÖRK’

1 February 2021

Who: An Oakland band who play scuzzy, nasty, piercingly
noisy rock ‘n’ roll. ‘Weird core‘ and ‘fringe punk‘ are some
of their names for it.

Album: DJÖRK – third LP – buy here
Released: 29 January 2021

Info: Bristling with angular riffs and glass-cutting hooks, ‘Djörk’ is as unapologetically weird as it is offensively loud and noisy. True to their punk roots, NOPES bristle lyrically against work, class divisions, and the gentrifying soullessness of city life.

Turn Up The Volume says: These in-your-bloody-face noise addicts sound like MC5 and The Jesus Lizard having a decibels competition. Expect trash and clash uppercuts, smash and bash explosions and slash and dash ballyhoo to go totally apeshit to. All you need to test the resilience of your new speakers and scare the shit out of every corrupt politician on this fucked-up planet. And with song titles like Pocket Square Motherfucker, Lithium Hop and Drink The Cat you know that acting normal in abnormal times is an unforgivable sin.

Listen up and kick some badasses…

NOPES: Facebook

They only look normal…

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