Jingle Buzz And Jangle Fuzz With Brooklyn Outcasts THE UNDERS And Their LP ‘III’

3 February 2021

Who: A gang from Brooklyn, New York… ‘that makes music’

Album: III – 3rd LP

References: Parquet Courts, Misfits, Devo, early days of The Clash, The Germs

Turn Up The Volume says: Riff riff! Hit hit! Hook hook! Beat beat! Scream scream! Wanna get rid of your lockdown blues? Get up, stand up and jump up and down like a monkey on dope to these Brooklyn outcasts’ hullabaloo. Their steroids injected punk nails blast out of your tormented speakers at the speed of riot gun bullets and erase your sense of corona-
virus reality for 28 buzzing and fuzzing jingle-jangle minutes. So much cheaper than a shrink.

Here’s why

Don’t miss the band’s first clip

THE UNDERS: Facebook

After listening to the album on repeat…

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