Titillating Guitar Thrills With New Stellar Single ‘BIG CAT’ By BLACK TWIG

5 February 2021

Who: Indie guitar pop/rock quartet from Helsinki.

Track: BIG CAT
2nd single from new, fourth, album ‘Was Not Looking for Magic’,
out 26th February via Soliti

Score: This is one of those instantly clinging tunes you want to hear when you get up
in the morning, under the shower, in the car, at work, and actually everywhere. Jangly guitars à la The Byrds and feel-good poppiness à la Teenage Fanclub. It’s not really a happy song about the signs of the times, but when the titillating chorus kicks in, a euphoric flare-up elevates your mood on the spot. You’ll have this on repeat all day long.

BLACK TWIG: Facebook

Don’t worry, be happy…

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