Sweaty Booze Mayhem With Rock Demons DOIS PADRES And New Single ‘THE CITY NEVER SLEEPS’

Daily electricity to load your batteries…

9 February 2021

Who: Formed in 2017 over a mutual love of Blues, Fuzz and Rock, the British duo
mix these ingredients together – blended with their signature High Octane Brew,
and provide the perfect cocktail for dancing, fighting and/or making love.

References: Thee Oh Sees, The White Stripes, The Black Keys, White Denim,
Queens of the Stone Age, Ty Segall, Tame Impala

Pick: THE CITY THAT NEVER SLEEPS – lead-single
from new, upcoming LP Swamp Jams out next month via VBAH Records

Score: Rock was invented to awake the devil in all of us, to go bananas when reality
gets too boring, to party like an intoxicated monkey when the night sets in. Therefore
our beloved God of rattling rock and rambling roll invented Dois Padres. With new single The City Never Sleeps these two 24/7 party preaching priests will make you drip with sweat while you pretend to be a madcap guitarist in the front of the mirror. Get my drift? Get up, stand up and fight for your right to party until this vicious pandemic is over.

Awake in the city that never sleeps
I’ll take what I want and what I need
Awake in the city that never sleeps
I’ll take what I want, yeah

Get heated here…


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