Catchy As Hell – PIZZA CRUNCH Hit Bullseye Again With New Uppercut ‘COMA-INDUCING GIBBERISH’

12 February 2021

Who: Taking inspiration from early ’00s indie rock and ’80s post-punk,
most notably in the joyful interaction of the guitars and vocals.

Home: Glasgow, Scotland

Single: COMA-INDUCING GIBBERISH – brand new single paying homage to
Joy Division and the Arctic Monkeys sound while remaining unique and original.

“The song essentially builds to a chorus that outlines the pain of speaking to someone
who won’t stop talking. The verses follow life setbacks and lead to the conversation with
this person in the chorus being all the more infuriating and ‘coma-inducing'”
says the band.

Score: The young Scottish gunslingers hit bullseye again with new stunner Coma-Inducing Gibberish. One the most catchy crackers – from start to finish – I heard so far this year. Fired up pop electricity you can dance to, jump up and down to, and go totally out-of-your head to. And when the sickly sticky chorus pops up, a euphoric flare-up will overwhelm you. A fab-tastic masterstroke to shut up all narcissists. Beware of getting too excited. It
can lead to a rock ‘n’ roll coma.

Impossible to resist this…


Single also on Spotify


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