Coming Soon… NEW ORDER Live Album And DVD

12 February 2021

Manchester synth-pop legends NEW ORDER release (another) live
album and concert film titled Education Entertainment Recreation.

It’s the registration in sound and vision of their
2018 show at London’s Alexandra Palace.

Out 7th May on various formats: 2CD audio, 2CD audio plus the film
on BluRay, and 3LPs. A limited edition box set featuring all formats with
a book and art prints will also be available. Pre-order facilities here.

01. ‘Das Rheingold: Vorspiel’ (introduction music)
02. ‘Singularity’
03. ‘Regret’
04. ‘Love Vigilantes’
05. ‘Ultraviolence’
06. ‘Disorder’
07. ‘Crystal’
08. ‘Academic’
09. ‘Your Silent Face’
10. ‘Tutti Frutti’
11. ‘Sub-Culture’
12. ‘BLT’
13. ‘Vanishing Point’
14. ‘Waiting For The Sirens Call’
15. ‘Plastic’
16. ‘The Perfect Kiss’
17. ‘True Faith’
18. ‘Blue Monday’
19. ‘Temptation’
20. ‘Atmosphere’
21. ‘Decades’
22. ‘Love Will Tear Us Apart’

Here’s a taster

NEW ORDER: Website

The 9 November 2018 concert at Alexandra Palace, London – 7 May 2021: live LP and DVD

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