The Hypnotic Power Of Repetition – Welsh Electro Duo RITUAL CLOAK With Single ‘OPAQUE CRATER’

New sonic impulses…

12 February 2021

Band: RITUAL CLOAK (Cardiff, Wales)
Who: Daniel Barnett, formerly of the band
Samoans, and drummer/producer Andrew Sanders.

References: Can, Tangerine Dream, The Horrors, Mogwai, Sigur Ros

Single: OPAQUE CRATER – new single from upcoming album Divine Invasions.

“Opaque Crater’ is one of the songs on the album that was pretty much fully written
and recorded pre-lockdown. When writing started and we’d work in the studio together
we’d come in with small ideas, never anything fully formed and just see where they took
us on the day. That’s always been what makes Ritual Cloak so exciting for us, there are
no expectations and that attitude of “there are no rules” really allows for our creativity
to flourish.”

Score: This multi-layered electro instrumental goes on and on, infiltrating your
ears and mind without asking until you’re totally addicted. The power of resounding repetition is hypnotizing and intoxicating. In the end, you want the buzzing vibration
of this adrenaline-charged tune on repeat in your head. And when this trip slows
down for a brief moment it’s only to come back with even more dynamism.

Tantalizing and irresistible.

Get hooked here…


(Photo: Kirsten McTernan – via Beast Pr)

Also on Spotify

RITUAL CLOAK: More on Bandcamp

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