Young Dublin Trio N.O.A.H Gives Mood-Boosting Kick In Your ‘DARKEST HOUR’

Daily electricity to load your batteries…

13 February 2021

Band: N.O.A.H (Dublin, Ireland)
Who: Three lifelong friends who formed a band only one year ago. They have taken inspiration in its naming, from the biblical story of ‘Noah and the Ark’, which is centralized around the theme of new beginnings. This idea is fundamental to the band’s vision and core values.

Pick: DARKEST HOUR – the trio’s 2nd single

“Once you emerge from this mind spinning rock tune, its meaning is left starring you in
the face. Broadly speaking it is about mental health, and how a sane mind quickly begins
to deteriorate, we experience a person’s descent into their “darkest hour”.

Score: Last year Turn Up The Volume was totally impressed with their towering debut
single Shine. With new stroke Darkest Hour the trio evokes the same inflammatory sentiments of sonic sensation. It’s an instant knockout with a harmonious, mood-
boosting sing-along chorus and special guest the Booka Brass – Ireland’s first New Orleans style Brass Band – turning up the heat even more. Even in your darkest hour
this vivid ear-catcher will cause an uplifting kick.

Here’s why

Also on Spotify

N.O.A.H: Facebook

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