Energy-Fueled Stroke – Here’s Fuzz And Buzz Duo LOVE IN OCTOBER With New Single ‘ALONE’

16 February 2021

Who: Indie rock duo based in Chicago, featuring
Sweden-born brothers Erik & Kent Widman

Works: Several EPs made between 2009-2011
and two albums as dance act Eight Bit Tiger. In 2016
they returned as Love In October with another EP,
followed by album Shapes in 2019.

Pick: ALONE – new single

Score: Ever heard The Strokes and Interpol having an electrical jam?
Well, here you go. Love In October combines the New York darlings’
sharp-edged swagger, energy-fueled rock, and crackerjack roll. And it
works pretty damn well! The final result is a galvanizing fuzz and buzz
ripper you can fight your lockdown blues with. Don’t feel alone, this is it!

Right here, right now..


Brothers in arms…

(photo via website)

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