Join LOST GIRLS Exploring A New World On Trance Single ‘MENNESKEKOLLEKTIVET’

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17 February 2021

Project: LOST GIRLS (Norway)
Who: Norwegian songwriters Jenny Hval
and multi-instrumentalist Håvard Volden

Track: MENNESKEKOLLEKTIVET – title piece of the duo’s debut LP out next month.

Hval and Volden work together for over more than 10 years as LOST GIRLS and are gearing up now for their debut album MENNESKEKOLLEKTIVET (Human Collective).

Along with the news of the album, the adventurous tandem revealed the title track.

“The song started out with some synth chords Håvard played. I felt they sounded like the beginning of the world, or a world, so I wanted to improvise words to them that somehow expressed a beginning of a world. They don’t make sense like a written lyric should, but they
are trying to make sense of something, a moment, a slow transition. On this track, the voice, and the music too, slowly makes its way from alone to together
,” says Hval.

Menneskekollektivet is a spacey 12-minute trance-like trip with Hval telling us about
her hallucinatory experience of discovering a brave new world while a Leftfield like
electro-scape synthesises like forever and gets more vivid along its riveting escapade.

Join the visionary and utopian wandering right here…

JENNY HVAL: Facebook

Menneskekollektivet – out 26 March digitally
and 23 April physically via Smalltown Supersound.

(photo on top via Smalltown Supersounds)

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