A Shot Of Pop Adrenaline – New Single ‘OXYGEN’ By SEASIDE HEIGHTS

19 February 2021

Band: SEASIDE HEIGHTS (Gothenburg, Sweden)

Who: Swedish Pop/Rock with big melodies and straight
forward vocals. And they smell of fresh air and clean underwear.

(Photo: David Möller)

Single: OXYGEN – brand new single.

Score: Turn Up The Volume featured these sparkling Swedish pop designers before.
Their easy-listening, feel-good tunes ring like sweet little symphonies in your happy ears. New upbeat cracker Oxygen also causes rhapsodic titillations. You can sing along, hum along, whistle along while pirouetting yourself dizzy to the mood-boosting vibrations.
Fresh air to forget your lockdown blues for a while.

A shot of pop adrenaline. Top stroke.

Right here, right now…

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