A Wall-Of-Pitch-Black Tristesse – Here’s Gloom And Doom Reflection ‘TETHER’ By NICOLE MARXEN

Daily electricity to load your batteries…

20 February 2021

Who: Dallas-based musician and visual artist. Known as one
of the shiny dark innovators behind acclaimed avant-garde pop
band Midnight Opera.

Pick: TETHER the title track from her upcoming solo EP,
out 26 February. All info here.

Marxen says “In many ways, it was a crucial first step in my own grieving
process and self-discovery as a songwriter. Being so rooted in showmanship,
I hadn’t explored such vulnerability in my work before. when I began to shift
my efforts inward, I found that my truth very much needed to be expressed.
The song serves as a reminder to hold space for myself.”

Score: You’ll remember the wall-of-pitch-black sound of Nicole Marxen‘s
gloom and doom reflection long after the howling finale faded out. From
start to finish huge, jaw-dropping industrial synth booms petrify your
shattering mind while Marxen seems to crush her profound tristesse to
set her troubled heart free again. Ominous, enigmatic, and mystifying
are the keywords here. Demons are not welcome anymore.

Get impressed here…

Also on Spotify

Written by Nicole Marxen
Produced & mixed by Alex Bhore
Mastered by Greg Calbi
Photography by Judd Myers


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