24-Carat Songwriting – New LP ‘OPEN DOOR POLICY’ By THE HOLD STEADY

22 February 2021

Who: Outspoken indie rockers from Brooklyn, NY
led by maestro Craig Finn – around since 2003

Album: OPEN DOOR POLICY – the band’s 8th LP
Released: 19th February 2021

Slant Magazine says: “Since the Hold Steady’s 2004 debut, Almost Killed Me, Finn’s characters have partied all over the country. They’ve fallen into wild romances at outdoor festivals, and struggled with personal grief, mental health, and inevitably dwindling youth. The band’s songs have always felt particularly special in the way that they seem to occupy a consistent world, the layered storylines multiplying and branching out with each new album… The Hold Steady’s lyrical interest in debauchery has never been free of baggage. But Open Door Policy is especially adept at tracing its characters back to the heavy and complicated stories that brought them to this point… The band’s ability to get to the heart of this change and create compelling songs from familiar scenes helps make Open Door Policy the best Hold Steady album in over a decade.” Full review: here. Score: 4/5.

Turn Up The Volume says: Ringleader Craig Finn is a 24-Carat word & tunesmith.
A high-quality songwriter and a compelling & outspoken storyteller. If you have
doubts just listen to this new top LP from start to finish and back. On repeat!

Key single: Heavy Covenant

(live version)

Full album…


Order info here.

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