Imperishable 24/7 Rockers GUIDED BY VOICES Never Sleep – Here’s New Stunner ‘FREE AGENTS’

Daily electricity to load your batteries…

23 February 2021

Along with Aussie prog-rock junks King Gizzard And The Lizard Wizard Ohio’s longtime clan – hitting the scene back in 1983 – GUIDED BY VOICES is the hardest working band on this troubled planet. They released no less than three albums last year – wake up, Radiohead. Trust me, each one a compelling piece of work. AllMusic rewarded all 3 records with a
4/5 score. There you go.

And – no surprise, actually – GBV just announced a new longplayer called Earth Man Blues, coming on 30 April, marked as a “a collage of rejected songs”. Maestro Robert Pollard told Rolling Stone: “I combined some of them and created new arrangements.
Others I just left the way they were.”

The first taster is FREE AGENTS. A speedy 2-minute, riff-fueled stunner that razzles
and dazzles as if nothing else matters. And yes, for 120 blitzkrieg seconds, nothing
else matters but the energy and vivacity of this bang-up injection. Absolutely!

Turn it up…

Note: “John H. Morrison Musical Production,” refers to Pollard’s childhood school


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