New DINOSAUR JR. Album Coming – Hear The Lead Single ‘I RAN AWAY’

24 February 2021

Slacker rockers DINOSAUR JR. (1984–1997, 2005–present) went
into the studio to record another LP, called SWEEP IT INTO SPACE.

The record will see the day of light on 23 April
via Jagjaguwar. More info & tracklist here.

J Mascis: “I was listening to a lot of Thin Lizzy, so I was trying to get some
of that dueling twin-lead sound. But the recording session was pretty well
finished by the time things really hit the fan. When the lockdown happened
in March, that meant I was on my own. But it was cool.”

Along with the good news comes lead single I RAN AWAY.

Instantly recognizable, poppy and catchy…


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