TINDERSTICKS Keep On Exploring The Human Psyche With ‘DISTRACTIONS’

24 February 2021

Who: Successful outsiders from
Nottingham, UK active since 1992

Album: DISTRACTIONS -the bands 12th LP
Released: 19th February 2021

Uncut Magazine wrote: “In many ways, ‘Distractions’ is an enigma.
In years to come, we may look back on this record as transitional, or a
product of its times. But to hear a band of this vintage still listening, and
responding, to their instincts is a joy in itself.”
Score: 8/10.

Turn Up The Volume: These moody troubadours, led by midnight crooner
Stuart A. Staples, keep on exploring the human psyche with melancholic musings
with a slightly different sound as we are used to. Opening track Man Alone (Can’t
Stop The Fadin’)
is a masterly 11-minute trip.

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Full UNCUT review (click on it to read)

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