Slash & Trash Excorcism – Test Your Speakers With ‘ROGO’ By German Turbo TRIGGER CUT

1 March 2021

Who: Ferocious noise trio
from Stuttgart, Germany

Album: ROGO – brand new 2nd LP
Released: 1 March 2021

Info: “Made with Heartblood, Love and Noiserock
Soul during the Covid-19 Pandemic.. YESSSSSSSS.”

References: Bainiac, Future Of The Left, early Therapy?,
Big Black, Flipper and Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs

Turn Up The Volume hears: Slash and trash exorcism to rescue messed-up lockdown
minds from all pandemic demons. No arty farty bullshit right here, no birds and the
bees nonsense, no fake punk posing. What you get are bone-breaking sucker punches triggered by metallic guitars, rage and blaze drums, brutal bass assaults, and a red-hot-furious loudmouth spitting and sneering like a maniac who wants to get out of his straight jacket. Heart patients need to stay far away from this rabid racket. But all the possessed ones are invited to test their speakers with this noise-tastic-cut album. To hell with corona!

Blasting on stage…

Stream/buy album here…


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