Pain Healing Darkwave Catharsis – NICOLE MARXEN Released Her Goosebumps EP ‘TETHER’

New sonic impulses…

4 March 2021

Who: Dallas-based musician and visual artist.
Known as one of the shiny dark innovators behind
acclaimed avant-garde pop band Midnight Opera.

Pick: 4-track EP TETHER
Released: 26th February 2021

Marxen says “In many ways, it was a crucial first step in my own grieving
process and self-discovery as a songwriter. Being so rooted in showmanship,
I hadn’t explored such vulnerability in my work before. when I began to shift
my efforts inward, I found that my truth very much needed to be expressed.
The song serves as a reminder to hold space for myself.”

Score: You actually can feel Nicole Marxen‘s pain of losing her mother
as titanic industrial synth wallops petrify your perplexed mind. She wants
to ease the gloom and doom impact of her dramatic loss so her wounded
heart and restless soul can breathe free again.

This 4-track EP is an imposing tour de force, a bold encounter with previously
unknown feelings of suffering, a sonic process of healing while looking for peace
of mind. A search for life-loving redemption and a light-at-the-end-of-the-mourning
tunnel future. Breathtaking!

Open your heart, soul, and mind…

The video clip for the title track Tether


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