RITUAL CLOAK Drop Starry-Eyed Track ‘WHITE NOISE’ Dedicated To A Lost Friend

5 March 2021

Band: RITUAL CLOAK (Cardiff, Wales)
Who: Daniel Barnett, formerly of the band
Samoans, and drummer/producer Andrew Sanders.

Pick: WHITE NOISE – 2nd single from upcoming LP Divine Invasions

Info: “The track was completed just a couple of days before the untimely
death of their friend, Chris, who was its inspiration. Given he was such a
big supporter of the band, it’s a massive shame he was never able to hear
it. Naturally, it is dedicated to him.”

Score: After the rotating, sticky lead-single Opaque Crater this Welsh duo
comes up with another captivating creation. A starry-eyed synth meditation
dedicated to a lost friend. After a moody slo-mo foreplay, the heartrending
trip gets intenser when electronic handclaps and a repetitive techno beat
enter the scene, without turning onto a wild Chemical Bros whirlwind as
the overall sentiment is one of doubt and mixed emotions. Gripping.

White noise, shadowy colours.


Also on Spotify


New album Divine Invasions out 7 May via Bubblewrap Collective

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