Wall-Of-Industrial-Electro Firepower – CALLING ALL ASTRONAUTS With Brand New Single ‘RESIST’

10 March 2021

Who: Politically charged electro trio out of London

Pick: RESIST – the title track from their third album (you can stream it below) that takes on a world of injustice, covering topics such as racism, nationalism, and xenophobia, and spits venom back at those who poison society with their prejudice.

Score: This is what would happen if Sisters Of Mercy had the diabolic force of Rammstein and the crack-up impact of Nine Inch Nails. Expect a wall-of-industrial- electro firepower you can’t possibly resist. A massive uppercut to knock all toxic haters out. Mean machine Call All Astronauts is ready to fight all those selfish schmucks who think they’re better than the rest for the wrong reasons. This trash and clash hammer blow is a call to arms for the right reasons activating your survival reflexes. And, did I already say that Resist rocks and shocks big time? Abso-fucking-lutely.

Open the gates

You want more?
Here’s the full album



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