Haunting Mood Swings – CROSS WIRES Impress With Fervent Tour De Force ‘THE DEATH OF DREAMLAND’

11 March 2021

I said it many times before and will repeat it again: Turn Up The Volume is
a big fan of British post-punk rockers CROSS WIRES. Listen to their debut LP
A Life Extinct and you’ll find out why.

And with new their brand new single they impress once again.

Jonathan (frontman) says: “It was produced by Rory Attwell. Back in September we
played a live stream gig at Hotbox in Chelmsford, Essex. Our set on the night included
2 new songs (of which this was one) Rory Attwell took those skeletal live recordings and
with some studio wizardry turned them in to 2 proper tracks (All vocals recorded again
in the studio). We had never worked this way before but this lockdown pushed us to be inventive.”

The Death Of Dreamland It’s a fervent tour de force that stands out, sonically
and lyrically. An impassioned eruption going forth and back, poignantly and
emotionally, like haunting mood swings. And when the goosebumps finale
kicks in you know that a confused soul and an inflammatory heart is at play
here. A highly captivating performance.

I didn’t see it coming on. I didn’t notice til it got close.
I didn’t know it was the end. Until I felt it’s hands around my neck.
You’re a prisoner of your own dreamland.
Crushed by the weight of another let down…

Stream/buy here…

CROSS WIRES: Facebook2020 Interview with Turn Up The Volume!

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