Singer/Songwriter EGIL OLSEN Enthralls With Groovy Lullaby ‘DON’T BE A TOOL’

12 March 2021

Who: Singer-songwriter from Norway

Pick: DON’T BE A TOOL – new single

Olsen: I wrote this to my dear little one-year-old boy after a few months in lockdown. He had hardly seen any other humans in his life, and I thought a lot about how I wanted him to, when this was over, grow up and get out and take the world and ‘chug like a train and go choo choo’. But as a responsible father it’s important for me that he does it with respect and mercy – ‘do whatever the hell you wanna do, so long as you’re well behaved and cool. Don’t be a tool”.

Score: This groovy lullaby was definitely made to play on your inner-stereo in your head
all day long. It’s a sickly sticky tune with beautiful freak Eels joining the party, sonically and visually. A sultry 60s Hammond organ creates a feel-good glow. About midway, the song takes a break in order to come back slowly but surely for a funky epilogue. Olsen is not a fool, he’s a caring daddy writing tenacious tunes for babies and parents. Bingo!

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