Exhilarating Pop Passion With Ace Single ‘RENEGADE’ By IMAGINARY PEOPLE

14 March 2021

Who: Rocking pop outfit from New York

Pick: RENEGADE – single from upcoming third LP called Alibi.

About the album: “While there are glimpses of light throughout the darkness that permeates every aspect of Alibi – one that captures the nature of what humanity has become – and while its songs do reflect the harsh, bleak reality of being alive – and of the coldness and meanness of the big city, especially when the world feels like it’s collapsing – it also manages to exist on its own, and on its own terms.”

Single score: This is what exhilarating pop passion is about. An instant sticking tune with the right balance of melodrama and ecstasy creating a euphoric bliss à la epic songsmiths The Killers. Renegade‘s flashy cadence is pushed by a throbbing disco beat that makes your head spin until you get dizzy. The dazzling rhythm triggers your best dance moves while the ardent vocals of frontman Von Wagner – making me think of, yes, the late great Jeffrey Lee Pierce from former post-punk rockers The Gun Club, cause a delirious effect. Trust me, one spin and you’re hooked. Dope stuff, indeed!

Here’s why…


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