Soul-Stirring 2021 Captivation – Discover New Powerful LP ‘SURVIVORS’ By ONISM E

16 March 2021

Who: Passionate indie rockers based
in New York, fronted by intense voice
Eline Chavez

Released: 19th February 2021

Info: “‘Survivors’ takes you through loss of relationships, abandonment, hurt, and
desperation. Yet Onism E provides a sense of warmth and comfortability throughout
difficult times and topics, leaving listeners knowing that they’re not alone.”

Turn Up The Volume: Gusto, high-spiritedness and anxiety are the keywords here.
This warm-blooded record is a heart-rending reflection of the group’s state of 2021
mind. A galvanizing collection of cohesive poignant emo songs influenced by the disturbing way our troubled world is handling human issues, once-in-a-lifetime
dramas, and the personal turmoil of frontwoman Chavez.

Her soul-stirring and powerful voice, weeping guitars, and electrical intensity are
at times overwhelming and heartbreaking. This band cares, this band won’t give up,
this band will survive, this band made an awe-inspiring longplayer. Don’t miss this impressive opus.

Single: title track Survivors

Stream/buy album here…

ONISM E: Facebook

photo by JMK Pictures

Written by Eline Chavez
Produced and Mixed by Eline Chavez
Mastered by Philip Marsden

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