Industrial Punk Hammer Blow With New Hell-Raising Smack ‘CIMMERIAN’ By SLAP RASH

Daily electricity to load your batteries…

17 March 2021

Who: New hotly-tipped duo Huw Lloyd (Bass and synth)
and Amelia Lloyd (Vocals and drums) from Manchester
who just signed to Disobedient Records .

Pick: CIMMERIAN (A member of a mythical people living
in perpetual mist and darkness near the land of the dead.)

Singer/drummer Amelia Lloyd says: “‘Cimmerian’ offers an evolution
of our sound. We have taken on a darker, more mature persona with
this song, with influences of techno and electronic music transcending
the genre boundaries of our previous work.”

Score: Oh my, oh my. Don’t be fooled. This duo looks nice and lovely,
but they don’t sound like that at all. After an ominous word-spoken intro
this industrial hammer blow explodes like a Molotov cocktail and Amelia
starts her enigmatic and nightmarish rant about obscene abuse. Insane
synth drones, crazed drum hits, and fierce sneers culminate in a crashing
climax when the hell-raising shock-chorus kicks in. Stunning stroke.

Be warned! Anger is an energy!

Baby in the corner
Foetal and icy
Hands blue from frostbite
Punishes lightly

Feeling the chains
Against my spine
Punish me now
Until I die…

Stream/buy the smack here…

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