This Is What Great Debut Albums Are About – Discover ‘ABOUT FUEL OF MANKIND By DRIPPING TREES

19 March 2021

Who: A four-piece post-punk/slowcore band from the Netherlands, musically
influenced by Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds, Iceage and Sparklehorse.

Album: FUEL OF MANKIND – debut LP
Released: 19 March 2021

Info: “Inspired by the fictional power of mankind. Because we are capable of imagining
stories and share them on a large scale, we, homo sapiens, are a very succesful species.
This has led to many beautiful, but also bleak things. Our frustrations, sorrow, but also
hope are packed in these songs and interludes that are audible on the album.”

Turn Up The Volume hears: Mood swings embedded in prophetic nightmares
that sound at times scary, at times exorcistic, at times nerve-racking. Doom and
gloom are everywhere. The wayward, ever-changing structures of the bone-chilling
songs take you by the troat. Once you figure out the schizophrenic souls here at
work you want to join their restless quest until the end, hoping that your demons
will be strangled too. Just imagine the twisted minds of Einst├╝rzende Neubauten
fronted by Jeff Buckley. You’ll only see aliens coming at the end of the tunnel.

Stunning debut!

Stream it here…

Hurry if you want a great vinyl copy (15 euros) by sending your request to or send a message to the band’s Facebook page.

Cover artwork by Marcel Tannous.

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