Supersonic Seattle Pop Party With ‘GET WELL SOON’ By WARREN DUNES

24 March 2021

Who: A Seattle based space pop family band and double
keyboard enthusiasts who still see KD as a supersonic MVP.

Named that way because the band wanted this record to be
like a Hallmark card to everyone who lived through 2020.

Sound: “A little bit Tune-Yards and a splash of Zappa, ‘Get Well Soon’ lives
in that fun world where genre gets tossed out the window. Instead we’ve got
a song celebrating music for music’s sake. Warren Dunes consistently go out
of their way to remind us that music can still make us feel good. With sharp
hooks, weird and wonderful melodies, and their signature beach vibes”

Turn Up The Volume hears: An effervescent melting pot of jazzy pop (Talkin
About That Burden
), Bossanova pop (Count On Me), relax pop (Be Good / Song
Beneath The Sand
), hip pop (Cool Mom) and exotic Dunes pop (Just Another Band
From Warren Dunes
). I’m sure you get the full sonic picture. So, clear your garage,
order a truck with sea sand, install a cocktail bar, put some flowers in your hair
and have yourself a private lockdown party.

Stream/buy your soundtrack right here…


Yep, I was and I still am a Warriors fan

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