Glam & Glitter Guts – DU BLONDE Is Nothing But Her Self On ‘PULL THE PLUG’

Daily electricity to load your batteries…

26 March 2021

All-round, outspoken, and eccentric British artist DU BLONDE (real name Beth Jeans Houghton) is totally mad for it as her new, third, longplayer HOMECOMING hits the
streets next week. Pre-order info right here.

After twisting our heads with two singles, I’m Glad That We Broke Up (with Ezra Furman) and Medicated (with the awesome Shirley Manson) she gives us a third taster with the LP’s opening track PULL THE PLUG.

“It’s about being trapped by certain mental health issues and accepting that as part of your being, coming to terms with the fact this will inevitably affect your relationships and being ok with that in the knowledge that someone somewhere will eventually be ok with who you are.”

Don’t expect Du Blonde to be somebody else than her own, uncompromising self. Candid, loud & clear, and groovin’ & movin’ to the pulsating beat. Want some glam and glitter guts? Then pull the plug right here, right now…

DU BLONDE: Facebook

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