27 March 2021

As Bloc Party enjoys a very long holiday (last album Hymns came
out 5 years ago) mastermind KELE OKEREKE goes his own way again…
for the fifth time. His new album The Waves Pt. 1 lands on May 28th.
Order info here.

Okereke: “I still had the desire to create… I knew I had to fill in the space of
this record entirely by myself, which was daunting but also very liberating.
This album is literally the sound of me.”

Last month he shared a trippy instrumental off the album, called
The Heart Of The Wave and here’s another taster. Actually a cover
of Bronski Beat‘s massive 1984 hit Smalltown Boy.

Okereke‘s slowed the song down, minimized the sonic orchestration,
just a guitar and synth echoes, and gives it a heartbroken touch with
his affective falsetto voice. Wonderful!

Press play here…

The original


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