THE LA’S Are Dead – Long Live THE ROTANAS

Daily electricity to load your batteries…

29 March 2021

Who: Gritpop gang from Cardiff, Wales.

Pick: MANIC – brand new single
About: “The song is built on a personal experience where I could
clearly see a close friend had mental and anger issues, and despite
my best efforts to intervene, I watched on and saw those issues effect
and seep into their personal relationships”
says the band’s songwriter
James Wilson.

Score: From the get-go, it feels like Liverpool legends The La’s came
back from the dead. The Rotanas produce a similar twist and turn pop
magnetism and their vocalist sounds like if LA chief Lee Mavers is
family. The difference is that these mad for it Welshmen turn up the
decibels to the max, let their guitars go frantic and trigger like sons
of a gun. Bingo!

Stream/buy the cracker here…


(info & pic via Disobedient Records)

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