RUSH – Fourth LP ‘2112’ Released 45 Years Ago Today

1 April 2021

Band: RUSH
Who: Prog-rock heroes from Toronto, Canada
Active: 1968–2015 / 19 albums

Album: 2112 – 4th LP
Released: 1 April 1976 – 45 years ago today

Score: #5 in Canada, #68 in the US

AllMusic/Greg Prato: “Rush knew it was now or never with their fourth release,
and they delivered just in time — 1976’s 2112 proved to be their much sought-after
commercial breakthrough and remains one of their most popular albums. Instead
of choosing between prog rock and heavy rock, both styles are merged together to
create an interesting and original approach… 2112 is widely considered by Rush
fans as their first true “classic” album, the first in a string of similarly high-quality
Score: 4.5/5.

Singles: Twilight Zone / Temples Of Syrinx



Full album…

RUSH: Facebook

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