‘SPEAK THE SAME’ By SYNS – A Radiant Light At The End Of The Synth-Pop Tunnel

1 April 2021

Artist: SYNS
Who: A Belgium-based solo artist and filmmaker who
build, after his post-punk-bass period, a synthesizer
laboratory. He started an audiovisual project, where
music and filmmaking find each other perfectly well.

Track: SYNS – new single

Score: Syns charms with a tranquilizing electro-pop earworm
where the New Romantics‘ sound of the 80s (Visage, Soft Cell,
ABC), Roxy Music‘s dance side and today’s synth sparks flow
together seamlessly with starry vocals floating all over it.
Enticing and dreamy.

With Syns there’s a radiant light at the end of the synth-pop tunnel
as you can experience right here in an illuminating video clip…

SYNS: Facebook

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