Riot Pop Grrrl Ecstasy – Discover SPUD CANNON And Their New Ace Single ‘JUNO’

Daily electricity to load your batteries…

2 April 2021

Band: SPUD CANNON (Poughkeepsie, NY)

Who: Good kids making bad decisions since 2016… and great music.
Single: JUNO – brand new stunner from new, upcoming Good Kids Make Bad Apples.

Score: Full steam ahead from the kick-off until the splashy climax. This is what over-the-moon pop is all about. Sickly sticky, jangly and jaunty, vibrant, not longer than 3 minutes, and leaving you behind with a big smile on your face. Just what we need in these turbulent pandemic times. A sizzling riot pop grrrl tune that triggers hopeful emotions that pretty soon we’ll dance in the streets again. In the meantime dress white, clear your garage, pump up the volume and go gaga to Juno. Ecstasy is your reward.

Right here, right now


GOOD KIDS MAKE BAD APPLES – out 25 June via Good Eye Records

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