Legendary Label 4AD Celebrates Its Glorious Past With Current Artists Covering Artists’ Songs From The Past

4 April 2021

In 1980, a new British independent record label was christened Axis,
but discovered after its first batch of releases that another Axis already
existed, so a new name was necessary to avoid legal problems.

New name: 4AD.

Now, 41 years after its inception, 4AD came up with the idea
to celebrate the label’s glorious past with current artists covering
a song of their choice from 4AD’s impressive catalog of releases.

The idea turned into an LP titled BILLS & ACHES & BLUES – released
two days ago, 2 April – named after the opening line of Cocteau Twins
beauty Cherry-coloured Funk.

Some of the names who are part of the festive compilation:
The Breeders, Tune-Yards, Grimes, Future Islands, Dry Cleaning.
Some of the covered artists: Pixies, Deerhunter, The Breeders,
Bon Iver, The Birthday Party (Nick Cave)

Happy birthday, 4AD

4AD: Artists

Order info here

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