Finnish Noise Motherrockers Do Your Head In With Nasty Hangover Killer ‘SHOTS’

Daily electricity to load your batteries…

5 April 2021

(photo by Jarkko Pietarinnen via FB band))

Who: Finnish 4-piece producing
bad vibes since 2009.

Pick: SMILE LESS – lead-single from new,
upcoming, third longplayer Smile Less.

Score: Oh my, oh my! Wanna get rid of your nasty hangover?
Here’s the head-splitting painkiller you need. With this hell-
raising bastinado you’ll headbang yourself unconscious
against your booze-smelly bedroom wall.

Problem solved, right? In only 2.53 minutes of riff-insane and
bad-ass rack and ruin tumult you are cured. Let’s fucking drink
to that.

Right here, right now…

THROAT: Facebook

SMILE LESS album out 15th May. Order info here

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