L.A. Brothers RAISED ON TV Addicted To Love – Hear New Single ‘LIKE A DRUG’

New sonic impulses

5 April 2021

Who: Two brothers in music from San Fernando Valley in
Los Angeles. Formed in 2016 as a three-piece turning into
a brotherly duo later.

Pick: LIKE A DRUG – second single from new
album ‘Fernando’ (all eleven songs, will come out,
one at a time, as singles).

Score: Remember British rockers Roxy Music with their 1975 hit
Love Is The Drug or the late great Robert Palmer with his 1985
stomper Addicted To Love? You hear and feel the same obsessive
hunger for a daily love fix right here. A universal desire anybody
with a heart & a soul can relate to. And I’m sure you will relate to
this poppy glam stroke too. Another sonic home-run that sticks in
an eye beam.

Get hooked here…

RAISED ON TV: Facebook

Brothers in arms

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