It’s The End Of The World As We Know It – CROSS WIRES Share New Thriller Called ’24 ROEHAMPTON STREET’

New sonic impulses…

7 April 2021

Last September British post-punks CROSS WIRES
played a live-stream gig in Chelmsford, Essex.

The band premiered two new songs. The skeletal live recordings,
with the help of some studio wizardry turned into two fully formed
tracks, with Jonathan Chapmann’s vocals recorded in the studio.

Last month our ears already got impressed with the impassioned and
poignant tour de force of The Death Of Dreamland. And here’s new
composition number two.

24 ROEHAMPTON STREET tells the story of a couple living out the last moments
of their lives during an apocalyptic event. A song inspired by 80s Nuclear War films Threads, When The Wind Blows and the Protect And Survive series.

24 Roehhampton Street is a punked-up blaze. A nuclear gloom and doom nightmare
realizing that humankind can destroy itself. Remember Nagasaki and Hiroshima?
By now the superpower nations as we know them are capable of blowing up our whole planet. Cross Wires translate that fear loud and clear with intense vocals à la Joe Strummer by frontman Chapman and also a short spoken fragment by, if my ears don’t fail me,
Baxter Dury.

Fiction is the new reality.

I was the drowning man
A hollow man
Waiting for the end
Eating time

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