10-Year-Old Sensation NANDI BUSHELL Covers PIXIES – And It’s Awesome!

8 April 2021

Boston’s 10-year-old NANDI BUSHELL is a young, confident
and gifted musician who challenged Dave Grohl last year for a
drum contest, which actually happened. Check it out here. She
also went viral on YouTube with covers of Metallica and Rage
Against The Machine

She’s a big fan of legendary noise rock band Pixies, and
shows it by covering their 1988 cracker Where’s My Mind.

The result is just brilliant. Nandi sounds cool, looks cool, and
moves cool. A Star Is Born!

ā€œI was listening to Bellyache by Billie Ellish and the chorus reminded
me of the Pixies song ā€˜Where Is My Mind?. They are both awesome songs.ā€
said the teenager. She got the thumbs up from Pixies mastermind and
frontman Black Francis.

Turn it up, Nandi


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