Young Welsh Gunslingers BANDICOOT Hit The Rock ‘N Roll Bullseye Again With New Single ‘FUZZY’

9 April 2021

Band: BANDICOOT (South-Wales)
Who: A Welsh 4-piece reclaiming for a new generation the poetry of
Dylan, the stark beauty and unhinged Rock and Roll of mid-70s John Cale,
and Badfinger’s melancholic timeless songcraft. Their sound flows like post-
industrial blues through Swansea’s rain-soaked concrete streets.

Pick: FUZZY – brand new (second); single

About: “A deranged attempt at seduction which draws on 70s ‘Top of the Pops’,
glam rock and memories of misguided adolescence.

Score: Two months after this crazed Welsh quartet scored big time with their
rollicking debut jackhammer Dark Too Long they confirm with convincing verve
and punchy puissance that they mean business and came here to stay. New flashy
glam powerstroke FUZZY rattles and rolls, shakes and swings and rushes and buzzes.

Too bad that all those legendary British music shows like Top Of The Pops, Ready Steady Go and The Old Grey Whistle Test disappeared when the video clips, pushed by MTV, became the new way to promote music, if not Bandicoot had made their growing fanbase go loco on that good old TV set.

Let’s rock


(Photo credit: @BethanMillerco)

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