Berlin Based Songstress ANIKA Returns With Hypnotic Groove ‘FINGER PIES’

New sonic impulses…

28 April 2021

Artist: ANIKA
Who: The musical alias of Berlin-based artist, Annika Henderson. She released her compelling self-titled solo debut LP back in 2010. She also made two most impressive longplayers with Exploded View. You can stream Obey (2018) and Exploded View (2016) here.

New single: FINGER PIES

About: “A song that never had a name, like an artist that never had a face. Caught
between roles, a jack of all trades, she slips between your fingers like a moment that
never was, or was it? So many faces tailored to a myriad of occasions. Walls built between ourselves and the outside world. For protection. Passes grant access to another level. So
where are you at? Those with all the keys, please remember, access comes with responsibility. Yet responsibility has been lost, like tissue paper in the rain, a battle without rules, to save face, exploit weakness, to save getting slayed, by the faceless generation. Welcome to the world of “Finger Pies.”

Electro earworm Finger Pies moves and grooves from the kick-off driven by a rolling
bass riff. Strangely catchy, mysteriously designed with a hypnotic effect. Like a female
Scott Walker, wandering in her fascinating imagination while speaking/singing with a spellbinding voice triggering the listener’s curiosity all the way.

Catch the engrossing vibe here…

You can buy
the single here…

ANIKA: Facebook

(photo by Turn Up The Volume!)

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