Multi-Flavoured Indie Pop – Discover Album ‘ZÖE’ By Scottish Band NIGHTSHIFT

29 April 2021

Band: NIGHTSHIFT (Scotland)
Who: Group formed in 2019 in the ecosystem of Glasgow’s current indie scene.
The band self-released a full-length cassette on CUSP Recordings in early-2020,
laying the foundation of their sound; hypnotic, melodic, understated indie post
punk with hooks that stick around long after you’ve heard them.”

Info: The songs were pieced together and recorded during quarantine lockdown,
with each member composing or improvising their parts in homes/home studios.
The isolation actually allowed for an openness and creativity to flow and many of
the songs took on radically different forms from when they were originally envisioned.
The album became a collection of sketches of hope, growth, awareness of the power
of the world & the power of self, kith, kinship, friendship, resistance, and possibility.

Turn Up The Volume: Echoes of Warpaint‘s trippy pop glow and Fiona Apple‘s
enigmatic art-pop peppiness, a varied pallet of sonic colors, bluesy vocal harmonies
and at times, a relaxing jazzy and folkish feel, that’s what your ears will absorb when
they discover this multi-flavoured record. Exquisite stuff.

Stream/buy ZÖE here…


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