Up And Coming Duo LIGHT BY THE SEA Debuts With Grand Pop Single ‘ELEANOR’

Daily electricity to load your batteries…

29 April 2021


Who: The project is the lovechild of Eszter Anna Baumann
and Davy Knobel based in The Netherlands. Their music
consists of rock, avant-garde, and folk music elements with
a catchy pop vibe.

Influences: Dead Can Dance, U2, The Brian Jonestown Massacre,
Phil Collins, Clannad, Fleetwood Mac and The Dandy Warhols

Single: ELEANOR – debut single
About: “A ghost story of a forgotten woman telling her story in a forgotten sound.
Eleanor is the first single of Anna and Davy, and now they proudly present her to the
world. Their music captures a sacred process of inspiration and creativity, the true love
towards each other and towards music itself. They are ready to dive deep into their artistic realm to raise a pearl up to the surface: the metaphor of pure, unconditional love for music with untold stories of the ever lived icons.”

Score: This is grand pop splendor, greatly orchestrated and richly layered, with Eszter
Anna Baumann
‘s imposing vox elevating this remarkable piece to a majestic level. Think
of the powerful vocal range of Florence Welch and the adventuresome spirit of icon Kate Bush. Style, class and rapture. A victorious debut!

Press play right here…


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